A historical excursion.

Sunday, January 30 2005 @ 10:43 AM MSK

Contributed by: zap


Library of Alexandria - reconstructed image.

Who was Hypatia? She was the first woman mathematician and astronomer about which we know today. More that this - she was a Platonic philosopher and the last leader of the Alexandria's philosophical school. This school haven't recovered after his tragical death. This extraordinary woman - beautiful, inteligent and talented - become a victim of the rising religious Christian fanatics, which got more and more adepts in the incult and superstitious masses, due to decadence of the antique mode of life. Teared down by the fanatics, Hypatia will always remain a symbol of martyrage in the name of science, free thinking and philosophical tolerance; a warning for those, who really appreciate the democratic principles, especially the freedom of conscience and expression. His creative works, life and death have contributed to edification of the magistral which connects past and present of the biological species who calls himself "Homo sapiens sapiens" in the vast space of human thinking and knowledge.