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 Monday, July 13 2020 @ 10:44 PM MSK

The vanity


Articles in EnglishContrary to the deeply rooted conception, vanity is a human nature and is characteristic, more or less, to every normal human being. Vanity is a vice only when it exceeds some definite limits, and is a useful quality in case it does not exceed them and is correctly oriented. Actually, vanity is the expression of the universal principle of development, its particular manifestation in a specific and complex sphere of human psychic. Vanity is a psychological reason, with its help we aim to a specific human ideal that determines us to assert and achieve intellectual, spiritual and physical potentials. Vanity generates the feeling of dignity and stimulates our self-consciousness. When accompanied by talent, intellect, kindness and good education, vanity is the most precious instrument to create our destiny. Vanity represents the driving force for progress in any sphere of human activity, from handicraft to science and politics.

The moment vanity exceeds the limits of rationality it becomes a true vice. From a valuable form, oriented towards creativity and useful activity, it becomes an instrument of destruction. Conflicts generated out of vanity impacts are most painful and most difficult to clarify. Envy and hate, as manifestations of hurt vanity, are most disastrous emotions - they destroy and grid first of all, the souls of those who have no idea how to control them. Vanity is able to exterminate the most beautiful human relations by darkening and stretching them. Everywhere - in arts, science or politics, exaggerated and lusty vanity is dangerous, changing sound competition by intrigue and enmity, useful activity by speculation and demagogy, truth by lie and the struggle of ideas by the struggle of individuals. It is true that extremes attracts! Total loss of vanity generates inactivity and poltroonery, its overfilling grids and destroys what others have created. We should avoid covering the distance between "I want to be the best" and "I want to be the first" , between "I want to be revered" and "I want others to fear me". Here we may find the border between positive, enlightening vanity and negative, mischievous one. Here is the border between intellectual wholesome power based on wisdom and kindness and pure power based on terror and humiliation.

If we take a look at our public life, we can see with much grief that vanity is presented everywhere in most horrid and exaggerated forms, and good education and good willingness are some desiderata difficult to accomplish, some inaccessible ideals. Extremely painful is the impact of the overwhelming situation in politics upon society, a situation deeply marked by the measureless dignity of some persons grasping power. Being involved in political fight, they easily loose the gilding of good education they had, encouraging themselves in publicly blaming each other of the greatest sins, with or without any reasons. We have the chance to follow this terrible show daily, and its climax coincides, evidently, with the periods of election companies. Political fight is not a game, at least it should not be, but that does not mean it shouldn't have some rules. States' laws impose some restrictions to his citizens, laws that have to be followed by everyone, alias politicians. But, in spite of these ones, there are moral rules, and breaking them toughly influences the society. Our politicians, through their unscrupulous behavior, managed to inspire to ordinary people a stable disgust towards politics, a lamentable fact with such foreseeable, stable results. In the totalitarian soviet state political fight, although very harsh, was hidden; today this fight is taking place openly, in the sight of public. Under these conditions we should use all the advantages our democratic society is offering, and we should take care not to transform them in flaws of opposite direction. A politician that constantly talks, even using injuries, produces a delusion, even if he is right, although it is difficult to be correct under such conditions. Such a conduct is to his disadvantage, but more important is the fact that he menaces the cause he is fighting for (especially if, lead by vanity, he has lost this notion in his pursuit for power).

Sometimes I hear people saying: the image a politician creates has no importance if he is talked about (good or bad); more important is to be talked about. It could be a grain of truth there, to my greatest regret. Many people enjoy others' sins, small and big scandals, especially if these are publicly viewed. They consider politics an extremely dirty thing, and in this way they justify the use of different incorrect measures - lie, intrigue, slander, etc. - in political fight. But we should not forget that everything that is conceived and created, possesses the stamp of its creator, in a way it is done after the appearance of the latter. If we keep our soul pure and participate in political life in a decent way, our social and political activity will represent the reflection of qualities, and not of our vices. Life is so short that one day we might come to the conclusion that we have no time and no forces to repair the evil we have done, on purpose or by chance, that we are not able to change even a little bit of our image in the eyes of those who have known us. And then we shall bitterly regret, but there will be nothing to do about it. Let's draw appropriate conclusions at an appropriate time, let's make good and useful politics, oriented towards the advantage of this nation, of this beloved piece of earth that is called Homeland.

Adela Vasiloi.

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The vanity
Authored by: Adela Vasiloi on Friday, July 20 2018 @ 02:26 PM MSK
There are many examples where people with great vanity sought the highest places in the hierarchy and did a lot of evil, because such people are cruel and selfish. Examples: Hitler, Stalin ...

Adela Vasiloi

Authored by: muneerahmed on Monday, September 24 2018 @ 09:54 PM MSK
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The vanity
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The vanity
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The vanity
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The vanity
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