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 Tuesday, July 14 2020 @ 01:03 AM MSK

The sindrom of the hatching hen


Articles in EnglishA very old and widely used idea of "woman - female", whose destination (either sacred or vulgar-materialist, depending on the circumstances) is only to take care of the family nest, has been speculated upon across centuries under different sauce; but in fact it followed the same goal - to shut woman's mouth and not to permit her take part in very important decision making.

The syndrome of the "hatching hen" is a consequence of patriarchal mentality that continues to be on the surface, although the piles it stands on have rotted long time ago. Today we live in a very "socialized" world where the problems of an individual are closely interwoven with those of the family in the canvas of social life, the relations between the individual, the family and the society being very complex. Thus, we cannot indoor ourselves as in old times, ignoring everything around us, in hope that they will not affect in any way our existence. The greatest part of problems we are facing are generally special cases of extensive social problems.

However, in spite of this reality that we cannot escape, there are persons interested in enlivening this syndrome of "hatching hen", taking it out of grandmother's chest full of old and unfashionable things, polishing and dusting it, to present it in the most attractive way: "Come on, ladies, try it on, may be it can fit you? If you feel a bit uncomfortable, we can fix it for you. Oh, you would like to prove yourselves as personalities, to stand out, to shine... Very well!, you can put your evening dresses on, a little bit of make up on your physiognomy, some perfume under armpits and ... that's it! You come at a reception, at a charity concert at a Forum ... God knows what about, and you hit the big time! Let them know that we have a cream of the crop, a luxurious society not less important than in civilized countries. But God forbid interfering in Politics! Do we really need a woman-minister or, even worse, a president? Should a female be a leader to us, women? Wow! What for? If this one is clever enough, let her take care of her family, her husband and children, the household. We shall see then what she can do! And if she wants to be a social swindler - here you go! An evening dress, a bit of make up, etc. Are there social problems that need to be salved? Do alcoholism, narkomany, prostitution increase? Is there great misery and poverty? Let those who know these problems salve them! Get this rubbish out of your head and be women, for God's sake!"

This is the approximate philosophy of life we are offered to accept, egoistic, indifferent, impossible, full of vanity and envy. And the woman- female is the central leading actor in this poor drama. Indeed, the woman- female (as well as the man-male) is a natural and widely spread phenomenon. Nearly every woman has a family, or al least children, so she has some special qualities that attracts the opposite sex's attention. Feminine charisma is of a wide variety, but very often ugly women also have happy families. The secret of this mystery lays, as I think, in the fact that feminine charm is, in most cases, compensated by other human qualities, seldom valuable and attractive. An egoistic, capricious beauty, which lacks intellect, usually fails in private life, even if initially, due to this charisma, it had a great success.

Thus, the epithet "Female" is not just an object of fame, nor of shame. It is just a reality. It is true that in a man's world charisma is a priority in the perpetual fight for a place under the sun. Women usually use this weapon as much as they can handle it by way of respecting (or not) some moral norms that can constitute an impediment to its regular use. But what a strange thing! Most of women who used their beauty and femininity to make a carrier, other qualities being less appreciated by men, later are trying to demonstrate that they are more than just a woman-female, the fact that they are human personalities, exceptionally talented and intellectually gifted. Making from sexuality an object of pride is characteristic to those women whose soul is empty - a Ciciolio, a Madonna, "professional" prostitutes, pornographic stars, sometimes models. Accordingly, not every man makes an object of pride out of their masculinity. Even Schwartznegger, the symbol of

American masculinity wants to show to the large public that, in spite of physical force and manhood, he also has some other qualities. Obviously, the person on the evolutionary way has stepped through a certain biological barrier, and aspires to become something better than simply a biological essence. The nature was generous with the person in many respects, but excessive sexuality he has been endowered with has already played its role in the fight for living of the species, and became a brake on his way to perfection. Columns of processions on which flag it is written something like "Go women-female!" or "Go Man-male!" lead us to a total spiritual failure. It can seem a paradox, but the interest for sexuality, this incontestable attraction for human being, this field of an increased interest is used as a weapon to fight for the politicization of the society, a useful tool in hands of clever politicians that would like to lead peoples without being publicly disturbed. In the civilized countries people are not hungry any more, they don't care for a piece of bred, so sexuality is there the "primary instinct" that can serve as a bait to withdraw people from socio-political life.

Obviously, politicians' guild is not interested in politicizing the society - the more apolitical the society is, the easier the concurrence among them. In our small country, with famished and undressed people, elegant vices are less interesting to the public. That's why, such a cashed argument as: "take care of your stomach and do not interfere with the politics" is still efficient and up-to-date. This argument is addressed to women as well as to men, is simple, accessible and has no moral or religious contradictions, the fact that essentially increases its efficiency. The idea of "woman-female" is used with a very well defined political aim: to transform feminine electorate into an indolent, obedient, easily manipulated mass. Economic disaster in our country continues to keep us in the trap of everyday problems, which we can escape of only by way of progress. But if we detach form the socio-political life consolidating all the efforts to salve only personal problems, we will have very much to wait. More than that - we could not salve our personal problems efficiently, because in the majority of cases these merge with large social problems.

Adela Vasiloi.

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The sindrom of the hatching hen
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