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 Friday, May 20 2022 @ 03:19 AM MSK

Astrology and Native Arrogance


Articles in EnglishAstrology is fashionable now. A great number of people are interested in Astrology, or, better to say, in its practical use – the horoscope. The natural egoism is generating an exaggerated, and in the same time, quite unjustified arrogance, that makes us think that everyone’s future had been carefully planned by a superior being, that had created it somewhere in an encoded form, using for this purpose the stars and other space bodies. This is a wonderful illusion, resembling nearly all other illusions gathered and carefully preserved along the history of humanity.

This naïve idea could had been accepted in antiquity, when people had a very plain, even childish idea about everything around us, according to which the Earth was the center of the Universe, and the stars had been created to lighten the nights. In fact, what is astrology? Unlike astronomy, it is not a true science that deals with serious things, its just a hobby that gathers old superstitions, occult practices of some old-fashioned pagan religions and modern speculations about the influence of the space on the human destinies, rather than positive knowledge about the evolution of space bodies. More than that, this hobby is far from being disinterested and honest – its real reason is the profit. Numerous recently appeared astrologists are speculating on the increased interest of the public in astrology that they have incited on the background of economic and political instability.Nowadays, when everybody knows the immensity of the Universe, knows what unperceivable distances separate us from stars and other space bodies, just a naïve person can believe that these bodies can have a real influence upon the individual’s destiny, can contain personal data. It may seem a paradox, but this faith combines a primitive pseudo-scientific determinism and a religious idealism, creating, from the point of view of consequent logics, a monstrous unity. In practice, the principle of determinism can be successfully applied in astronomy to calculate the movements of space bodies and to predict different space events, because these problems can be easily inserted in an ideal abstract scheme, where the interventions of some unknown influences and unexpected presences of some foreign corps are practically impossible. The evolution of space bodies has been monitored along centuries and now is well known; the place of every space body can be calculated and determined long before. The influence of the stars upon terrestrial biosphere is practically reduced to zero; a reason to it may be the distance between these bodies, so their radiation on the earth is extremely small, and their gravitational field is practically imperceptible in our solar system, especially taking into account that this system is at the margins of the Galaxy. There are no other influences that space bodies could exercise upon other corps, except electromagnetic and gravitational emanations, and physical contacts between them are extremely rare. In our solar system the Sun, the planets and the asteroids are in a very close, stable and balanced relation, where essential disturbances, able to menace the existence of the terrestrial biosphere, are not so often. Suchlike catastrophes can follow a collision of the Earth with an asteroid, meteorite that have deviated their orbit as a result of some occasional gravitational influences that extremely rare, as a result of the overlapping gravitational fields of planets in the moments when they are coming close one to another in the most unexpected way. According to some scientific hypothesis, such a catastrophe took place after the collapse of a huge meteorite with the Earth, the fact that had a great influence upon the future development of terrestrial fauna: dinosaurs that dominated that period, could not survive under new conditions, while mammals, on the contrary, managed it. It is difficult to state how terrestrial fauna would had look like if there hadn’t been such a collapse. One thing is certain: the influences planets can have one upon the other is of a global nature and there isn’t even a minor influence upon an individual destiny, especially with the details described in the horoscopes made up by astrologists. Changing an individual’s fate using such actions is similar to molding of a wheat grain an elegant sculpture using a hatchet. The stars and the planets have a lesser influence upon our successes in business or love than we had upon the life of an ant hill deep in the tropical jungle, on condition to never get there. These reasons are so evident and trivial that it is difficult for me to understand our people’s passion for astrology. On the other hand, people’s passions very seldom take into account the arguments of reason, under such conditions emotions are more superior. It is not by chance that especially women are stroke by this passionate disease – higher emotions, greater passivity of men, the habit of being led from the outside, supporting the consequences of men’s behavior – these are only some of the psychological factors that characterize the lack of their spiritual immunity. On one hand there is the natural arrogance of the human being that makes us believe that the whole Universe goes round us; on the other hand there is fear, passivity, uncertainty in future, invincible curiosity in front of the future leads us to the net trap of swindling astrologists, that are offering an artificial solution for a problem that we could solve ourselves. Indeed, who knows better than us the circumstances of our life, as well as peculiarities of our personality that, under the condition of not taking them into account, can challenge our personal fate? If we don’t trust our wisdom and intuition, it would be much better to ask a psychologist for advice, and not an illiterate swindler, that is cheating on us for his personal benefit. Adela Vasiloi.

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Astrology and Native Arrogance
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Astrology and Native Arrogance
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Astrology and Native Arrogance
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Astrology and Native Arrogance
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Astrology and Native Arrogance
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Astrology and Native Arrogance
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Astrology and Native Arrogance
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Astrology and Native Arrogance
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Astrology and Native Arrogance
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Astrology and Native Arrogance
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Astrology and Native Arrogance
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Astrology and Native Arrogance
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Astrology and Native Arrogance
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