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 Monday, May 16 2022 @ 02:13 PM MSK

God: Male or Female?


Articles in EnglishReading the Bible, we find out that the man was created after the God’s appearance, but of two different sexes: male and female. When considering the story closely, it appears that the God first of all had created Adam, the first man, and only after that He created Eva, the first woman. So, it can easily be guessed that the image of God was one of a man – a definite body with lots of interior and exterior details. Still, it is not quite clear why God, an immaterial spirit, would need such a complex build that could be useful only to a living material body. Why, for instance, He would need male’s attributes if there weren’t a Goddess near Him – a wife and a sexual partner? On the other Hand, whose image Had He followed when creating Eva as a perfect fit to Adam? Nevertheless, His ambition was far from discovering the sense of these differences that are essential to us, Humans – this is the reason of His angriness when the young couple had discovered them personally (in fact, the snake Helped them).

The parental care He manifested when He prohibited to taste the fruit of knowledge was motivated by the vain fear that they could become equal to Him, as later commented upon by the snake. Well, what was the Great Truth they absorbed together with the fruit? According to the Bible, after having tasted the fruit, they have noticed their nudity and took fig-tree leaves to cover it. On seeing their decorations, the God immediately realized their sin. In fact, being all-powerful and omniscient, He could have known it from the very beginning. In what way were they equal to God? How did they become equal: perceiving the way to procreate Human beings? It seemed that the God was seriously worried about the fact that Paradise could possible be overcrowded. Still, in spite of His curse and superiority, He offered them a planet to set up personal Households. In fact, the same thing happens nowadays with parents that find that their children had done something bad. Let’s consider the question asked in the title: who is God – male or female? The Bible does not suppose the existence of a Goddess, a possible prototype for Eva; it asserts firmly the existence of a single God. Idolatries that pray different gods are injured and badly condemned. Jewish and, later, Christian intolerance is very suspected: isn’t there a scandal story behind the principle of monotheism? What had happened before the act of creation? God, the male-looking spirit would never be perfect if there hadn’t been a pair-soul female that would complete Him in the most necessary and essential way. Even the spirit of Christian religion that disregards and blames material love, the un-dissembled misogynism (hate for women) of such a religion predicts the total failure of celestial marriage that should had existed – otherwise why would God Have a male image? We can suppose that following a sentimental drama His companion had been driven away or, more probable, annihilated. At that time, the procreation act, performed personally, was the expression of a nostalgic feeling – especially when creating Eva – the embodiment of beauty and feminine perfection, being cherished and Hated once, thus unable to forgive Her even nowadays. The God in the Bible is not just a jealous God, He is a definite misogynic. This fact can be observed when He was embodied in Jesus Christ; He did not act as male. The Bible never mentions that Jesus would need a woman, as any Healthy man. Everywhere He went, just men followed Him – His twelve Apostles, followed Him and the women worshiped Him at a distance. Except this, He behaved as every normal Human – He ate, drank, slept, and other things. We may find two explanations for this: first, Jesus Had a so-called untraditional sexual orientation; second, God Had deprived Him of male potential not to blemish His divine nature. Both explanations uncover the true disgust of God for a relation with a woman, in spite of the fact the Bible severely judges the phenomenon of “sodomysm”, i.e. Homosexual relations. Finally, there could be another explanation, plain and paradoxical in the same time – Jesus was a Hermaphrodite, uniting together the double nature of perfection, the same as His celestial father. This Hypothesis could help us to explain why the jealous God Had created Humans of two different sexes. When He Had separated the male and female natures, He Had divided the perfection, thus avoiding the creation of an identical rival. In this way we can understand the allusion the snake had made towards the equality to God – the union of this two natures would have given birth to a new perfection that could be able to change the divine perfection. Thus, He proved to be a jealous God who doesn’t allow His creation raise to His level, even more – to outrun the creator. A mother would never do anything like this, so the God is more a father – His male nature rules the female one. The permanent struggle between the two divine natures generates side effects that uncover the course of that struggle. When these two great powers become equal, the vain and revengeful God will become tolerant and good willing.

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God: Male or Female?
Authored by: AmnaE on Tuesday, April 26 2016 @ 12:59 PM MSK
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God: Male or Female?
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God: Male or Female?
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God: Male or Female?
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God: Male or Female?
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God: Male or Female?
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God: Male or Female?
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God: Male or Female?
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God: Male or Female?
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God: Male or Female?
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