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 Friday, May 20 2022 @ 03:25 AM MSK

The Philosophy of Slaves.


Articles in EnglishIt is known that the Bible states on the fact the Lord had created the world after his appearance. Nowadays, in spite of this fact, there is a huge number of aspects – whites, negroes, Asians, blonds, red, brown and dark-haired, short, tall, thin, thick, and among them there are intermediary forms. Thus, it is difficult to say what was the aspect and the appearance after which the Lord had created Adam and Eve, the first human couple. What is the race they had belonged to, what were their anthropological characteristics? Archeological information state that first humans did not differ in race, and their aspect had some features that show our genetic connection with the monkeys. More than that, these features, sometimes, “turns up” at some of our fellows, thus we can meet sometimes a physiognomy about which we cannot even doubt that has relatives among monkeys. In this case, everybody has them, even if some of us are considered beautiful and smart. Still, we cannot affirm that humanity has reached the top of perfection, or that it is constantly going this way.

Let’s try to interfere with the Lord’s plans about the world at least in the part concerning out past, although some great prophets affirm that know by heart everything about the future. Of course, it is much more easy to predict the future, especially not the closest one, which you are sure never to deal with. Thus, if taking for granted that men have descended from monkeys, which they resemble to so much that we just don’t want to consider them relatives, it means that Adam and Eva had been (I apologize), monkeys, and the Lord, disposing them to procreate, had a concrete goal – to obtain through a thorough selection the perfect being, counting upon his majesty Chance. Anyway, He had an eternity at his disposal. It is clear that the act of creation “after his aspect and appearance” did not succeed quite well, thus he was very disappointed of the results. After seeing for himself that the sculpture he had made was not very good, the Lord was forced to create the woman, and leave everything to happen by chance, relying on the two pylons of evolution – Variability and Stability, while Natural Selection, as a devoted slave, was asked to take care of the great crowd that was to appear soon. His personal role was to guard “his flocks”. Is there anybody else who knows perfectly well the rules of dialectics He had offered to the material Universe in order to evolve, acquitting them from the responsibility to take part in all the actions of the substance? Naturally, a careful directing of such a colossus was at least boring, maybe even impossible, in spite of his omni-potentiality. Unfortunately, Variability as usual went astray, while Stability proved to be a little feeble, thus the number of rejects was high enough. Becoming a rationale being, the human learned quite quickly to deceive the guardian of Evolution, being able to survive even with having bad physical conditions. The reason is the best chance when you deal with an inferior being, thus the Natural selection of the perfection had transformed from a variety of imperfect beings into a utopia. The only chance is offered by the personal involvement of the Creator, who can compare the results with the Initial Idea. From the religious point of view, this intervention could be called Apocalypses. When it happens, the good guys will be separated from the bad guys, and thus obtaining eternal life, while the bad ones will be burned in the flames of purification. The Bible states that this selection will be done only according to the criterion of moral perfection, and not physical or intellectual one. Evidently, such perfection is not perfect as well, being one-sided and incomplete. Is it worth to declare a universal war, which may result in crowds of people half-invalids and half-ill-minded, having a perfect morality? It’s not worthwhile. Still, a joke is a joke. As hard we try to bring together science and religion, by interpreting one way or the other the Bible – the saint book of Christianity (the same as many Christian recently appeared sects are doing), there will be no other result but such foolish hypothesis, that will constantly require new correcting, while the science will rapidly advance, and the religion will leg behind, trying to protect her myths, whose validity period had expired long before. Even if we rely upon the inevitable gaps of anthropology and archeology, as their is always something unknown, even if we still want to learn many new things, we will have to give up, as the science will cover these gaps. Why not accepting the fact that we had just admitted a nice fairy tale that flatters our pride and gives vain hopes for an ethereal life? Children like to believe in Santa Claus, but finally they accept the truth. Once, Polish philosopher and writer Stanislav Lem said: “The man believes what he wants”. Although it is evident for everybody that the reality fits our desires, we still cherish some quite impossible illusions. The violence with which we reject any attempts to blow these illusions up is a natural characteristic of the contemporary human, that insists on the name of ‘homo sapience’. A very thorough analysis of the economic, politic and social sides of the modern life suggests the conclusion that humanity is still in its teenage period, when the reason is dominated by emotions, and the behavior is marked by violence and intolerance. If we ask ourselves what is the greatest desire of a human being, which he would give up the least, it appears to be the eternal life. Humanity is cherishing this dream forever, and is keeping it at all costs, similar to a child who doesn’t want to relinquish the Santa Claus fairy tale. The vital instinct of the human is so hardly retorting the idea of death that it covers the reason. Eternity – this is the bait we are ready to swallow, without paying attention to the poison inside. And because the real life doesn’t bring any satisfaction to us, cutting the desires and interests, we aspire for an ideal eternity, where there will be no desires generating conflicts, and we would be as ideal as we would like to be, if possible. Naïve pictures placed on the covers of many religious books, describing joyful and healthy parents and children, with young goats round quiet lions serve as brilliant illustration of this utopia. Poor toy, weak and helpless, created by a superior being out of boredom and just for fun – can we call this way of creation a divine one? Even a marvelous flower, that had grown through a dead rock, a living being, that have evolved from a minor cell, that aspires for beauty and perfection … An amazing synthesis of feeling and reason, of material and spiritual, that came out of this continuous struggle of principle of creation and the principle of destruction – universal laws that determine the evolutionary process in the Universe… Isn’t this origin more wonderful, nobler, and more preferable? Isn’t the man – the God’s slave, always frightened and on the knees of his soul – worth respect and consideration? The man pressed by the circumstances, fear, failure, personal impotence, cannot be but sympathized, arousing compassion and disgust, even if he is the creation of the Lord. There will hardly be good ancestors out of this kind, able to carry on the human race. The tree is growing from the top, stretching his branches high, while feeble branches lag behind, become dry, incapable to absorb water and light. The desperate one cannot advance, he can only stop and block the way for the others. The worst thing is that this one stops the others, trying to convince them that inactivity and submission to fate (to Lord) are the most superiors virtues, while in fact these are just vices. Inactivity is the cherishing dream of a slave, and submission is the wisdom of the weak ones. The lesser potentials we are able to realize, the harder it is to endure the attacks of our enemies and concurrents, the harder it is to resist to the wave of real events, not always favorable, and the desire to escape in a virtual, pleasant and eternal reality is greater. The reason forces us to work, to fight and to improve, while emotions ask for a consolation and an escape from reality. Shrinking the necessity of making efforts, the whole number of events that influence us is called the fate, declaring that it is absolutely definite and impossible to change. This idea spears us from unpleasant regrets, as well as from our guilt for inactivity and weakness. “The fate is the excuse of those who are weak, and the masterpiece of those who are strong”, said Nicolae Titulescu. Indisputably, there are major forces, there exist the chance that can have great influences and can drastically change our life. Still, nothing can accept the responsibility in front of ourselves, and in front of the society for what we are and what we do. We should justify our belonging to the human species, the so-called “homo sapience” by diminishing the prior fear for death and for life, as well. The one who fears life exists, and not lives. A fearful and pitiful existence, expecting for something that will never happen. Isn’t it a crime to indulge everything, without a minor effort to come out of this? Fatality is the philosophy of slaves. As long as we are alive, we should be courageous enough to live. Adela Vasiloi.

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The Philosophy of Slaves.
Authored by: RobertEmile on Wednesday, August 17 2016 @ 08:59 AM MSK
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The Philosophy of Slaves.
Authored by: Breathwette on Thursday, September 22 2016 @ 03:53 PM MSK
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The Philosophy of Slaves.
Authored by: KateBerry on Tuesday, May 30 2017 @ 10:42 AM MSK
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The Philosophy of Slaves.
Authored by: rose92 on Saturday, June 03 2017 @ 12:53 PM MSK
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The Philosophy of Slaves.
Authored by: rose92 on Saturday, June 03 2017 @ 12:55 PM MSK
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The Philosophy of Slaves.
Authored by: mike38 on Saturday, May 19 2018 @ 03:43 PM MSK
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The Philosophy of Slaves.
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