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 Monday, May 16 2022 @ 07:37 AM MSK

Swindler’s Industry


Articles in EnglishThere always have existed liars, since the very moment when people learned speaking. The man that had invented the lie did it out of necessity, probable, – the truth has always attracted the mania of powerful people. The inventor did not make any publicity about his invention, he didn’t ask for a license to patent it; nevertheless, this new weapon of survival had been discovered lot of times just because people were able to do it. But lie had immediately transformed from a defending shield of poor people into a powerful gun of psychological offensive, inclining thus the balance of powers towards swindlers and people lacking moral principles. Gaining more and more complex shapes, the lie had reached the tops of perfection, becoming a real art – the art of mystification. In this context it is evident that “mystification”, “mystics” and “mystery” are related words. Once the first step from a primitive lie to a mystical interpretation was made, the process had inevitably got irreversible course, thus generating the phenomenon of religion. The latter unites and bounds, genetically and historically, first primitive religions, pagan and contemporary ones, as faiths.

This process brought great social changes – the greatest and the most important was the decrease of the physical power’s authority versus intellectual power, but an intellect lacking any scrupulous and ethical principles. Cutting it short, we can affirm that the secular power embodied physical power, whereas religious authorities represented the power of intellect. The eternal struggle between these two powers let to the creation of a more or less strong coalition, marked by interior strain between the state and the representatives of the religion cast. In any state, the supreme clergyman had always had a greater power that the monarch had, or the powers were equal; still it is important to say that the monarch was declared a descendant of Gods and was blessed by them. In fact, divinity in general had become a precious tool for those who are thirsty for power. Human history is full of great mystifications – the most genial came true in important and widely spread religious cultures that have survived for centuries or, even, millenniums. The are many and different reasons of their longevity, but the main principle of their existence is that they offer plain and positive answers to any question a human can ask about his complex and painful problems related to human existence, an oversimplified and accessible philosophy. These answers do not uncover indisputable truths; they do not reflect the reality; the only thing they offer is the kind of consolation and illusion of wisdom, satisfaction to have suitable answers to any question. Very often we can feel the fear when facing the reality, in that way it can be universal. Thus the instinct of knowledge is universal for animals, and the higher the species of the biological evolution scale is, the more developed this feeling is. The mystery, the unknown, the distant has always attracted humans. This uncertain and benefic field proved to be favorable for the development of a real “jungle”, where there were lots of different “species”, some of them fruitful and useful, others poisonous and doping. The first are true, real and humanitarian sciences that represent the positive cognition of the real world and of social phenomena, whereas the other ones are numerous types of mystifications, among which different religions and philosophical tendencies, occult practices and pseudoscientific theories developing fascinating topics can be found. For a simple human, who has no special knowledge on the subject and his general intelligence are at the medium level, it is very difficult to find the right ways throughout this “jungle” full of mystery, and very often it happens to him to taste the poisonous but fashionable “theory”. Usually he is tented to taste more than one, thus he gets a certain personal “point of view” that is nothing but a mix-up of everything. Superficiality is the main characteristic of mediocrity. In this way, being considered a good Christian, for instance, he believes in horoscope, in reincarnation, in foreseeing, in cosmic energy, biological energy, aura, little green men, Bermuda triangle, the forth dimension, parapsychology, paranormal phenomena and many other mystical and amazing things. Human fantasy can offer an incredible fly throughout darkness and dazzling light, throughout a space full of incredible surprises; nevertheless, when returning from this enthusiastic journey it is important to stand to the ground, to realize the reality, how far can we go dreaming and what imagination and intellect tricks are. In this way the risk of getting into a big mass and chaos of dream and reality is quite big. Superstition and belief in miracles are the first alarming symptoms of this disease. Human being is very much attracted by spiritual enthusiasm that very often has the effect of a drug. There is a hypothesis that the organism of a person that is in love produces the love hormone, thus he becomes dependant on it. (the classical example of a “love-addict” is Don Juan). In this context, there should exist the hormone of cognition that would produce a similar ecstasy. I am not sure about the chemical stuff, is it different or similar, but it seems to me that a lot of people are already addicted to it. Anyway, this phenomenon is to have a physiological support that serves as the provocative of the enthusiasm that appears when people are discussing on fascinating topics. As a result, instead of s veritable cognition, serious sciences they prefer sensational pseudoscientific speculations or religious revelations that are much more exciting, let alone the fact that they are very accessible. Anyone who has no special knowledge can be subjected to this verbal dissipation stating definite truths. Thus, in order to satisfy this human need, as well as its aberrations, there was invented a real swindler’s industry, that has a whole range of sources of inspiration for its pseudo-philosophical and pseudo-scientific creation – from real sciences to archaic religions and faiths, from Science Fiction and great fairy tails invented by irresponsible reporters to strange fantasies of crazy people. This industry was created to serve “the spirit-addicted”; more than that, it creates them, extorting great sums out of that. A big number of swindlers that are successfully speculating on the credulity of large masses in the field of the so-called non-traditional medicine by offering incredible remedies together with a “scientific theory” of great cures. The others, not less numerous, deal with different predictions and foreseeing, using occult practices of some archaic faiths. And last, but not least, the third part deals with the immortal human soul, serving numerous religions or creating new ones. The person that gets into this net trap of spiritual addiction, is unconsciously degrading, on the contrary, he is assured that is rising to the tops of spirituality. It is nothing but an illusion; similarly to the feeling of power, intelligence or courage a drunkard or a drug-addict feels when he is in that estate. The narcotic elation eliminates the complex of inferiority, but for a very little span, on the other had it harms the spiritual soundness of the person. The energy of those who are not satisfied with them and with the world in general is simply wasted, instead of being oriented towards real and useful goals. Nowadays, swindler’s industry is widely spread. The swindlers use mass media to spread their “theories” and “learning” through press, radio and television, they write books, give lectures, etc. They can give you the answer to any global question, including the God’s plans concerning the world; still very often it happens that they do not know multiplication table. They are aggressive and saucy; they declared a real attack to the whole society, influencing credulous, emotional and inexperienced persons that did not manage to form a true and veritable opinion of the world. It is extremely important to resist to this stream of disinformation that leads us to an irreversible and boundless chaos, where the real and the imaginary merge to form something indescribable, that will most probable serve as the spiritual death place for the whole humanity. Adela Vasiloi.

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Swindler’s Industry
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Swindler’s Industry
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Swindler’s Industry
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Swindler’s Industry
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Swindler’s Industry
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Swindler’s Industry
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Swindler’s Industry
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Swindler’s Industry
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