The sing of conch

Saturday, August 06 2005 @ 06:11 PM MSD

Contributed by: Adela Vasiloi

The clamor of the sea’s surge
You can hear out of the knotty labyrinth
Of the conch, striking alike
At a girl’s ear – 
Round, pink and appetizing…
What a miraculous invention
It’s the conch of a shellfish –
A prodigious house,
That allows to it a comfortable shelter,
From many sea’s dangers.
It’s probable, owing this it chant, careless,
Because can to admire 
The wonders of sea, in safety.
Many of things can to tell you this song,
If you can to bee a good listener,
If you can to rely of the scintillation
That generates the mother-of-pearl,
Pure, brilliant… If you can to bee lifting
By the dreams of the shellfish …
Strange and shadowy…
                                Adela Vasiloi