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 Monday, May 16 2022 @ 08:58 AM MSK



Poetry in English

Lotus - flower and symbol,
Echo of a strange religion,
Of a mysterious world,
Distant and miraculous,
Of a divine, celestial  music,
Monotonous and  hypnotic.
There grow plants and flowers,
With fine and strange odor,
There fly the unseen birds,
There mellow  the appetizing fruits…
Lotus, lotus, lotus -
A name that moves and exaltes.
The heart in my bosom  is shiving
When I murmur him in secret,
Wake out of a luminous dream,
That essence escape to me.
 Alone this word  enunciates
My lips, dry for passion and thirst
When it ‘s tumbles for surprise and fear,
That a transparent tear, from my eyelid –
Lotus of my dream, water’s flower…             

                             Adela Vasiloi

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