Saturday, August 06 2005 @ 06:21 PM MSD

Contributed by: Adela Vasiloi

The Saint Elmus’  fires
Burn in peak of the ship’s mast -
It’s a warning and  menace…
The atmosphere was filled
And is watching, in expectation,
That an hungry cat.
It’s shake from tension,
And enjoy, how is unfolding 
The lightning, over the sea.
Next, in the rattling chaos,
The sea’s waters is joining 
With the waters of the storm’s clouds
In a fearful show…
Hear the thunder! Ty-phoon! 
We can to be on the sea?
But high, in the clouds?
Maybe, on the moon?
Ty-phoon! Ty-phoon! 

                             Adela Vasiloi