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Clubul filosofic "Hypatia"
 Welcome to Hypatia
 Wednesday, May 18 2022 @ 08:52 AM MSK
About the Club

Philosophical club "Hypatia" invite a inteligent, spiritual and unindifferent people to a frank discussion about a diverse social phenomenons, about a eventual and necessary changes which happened in the human existence.

What you think about the woman's role in society and which will be this role in the future? Why the contemporary family is in a crisis and will be family exist in the future? It is necessary the religion for the normal existence of society? These and many others questions will be put in a discussion in the philosophical club "Hypatia". The sole authority which we recognize is the good founded argument's authority. In other's compartments of this site you will find diverse materials - articles of the author about various themes, that you can interpret as a invitation to the dispute, poetries, informations from history of philosophy and a freethinkers, biographical dates about the personalities about you are interested in, informations about the site's author. Adela Vasiloi

The eclipse

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Articles in EnglishTranslation - Natalia Bajureanu

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Compliance and its Pious Way

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Articles in EnglishCompliance prefers the beaten road. If you constantly follow the well known way, that saw thousand of traces for a very long spam, you can be sure to have no surprises. Neither pleasant, nor unpleasant. And the wisdom constantly warns us that surprises are always unpleasant, more than that, they are dangerous. Unfortunately, you can follow the beaten road only when you are going round about, rambling about the same actions, the same intelligent ideas marked by the wisdom of time, reconsidering the dull issues of some exceeded philosophies. If you want to succeed, you must change this road. And there are individuals that want to escape it, want to explore new horizons, to go beyond the world where there is nothing new left. First, the conformists tried to back them on the right road, that is nothing else but our old little beaten road of virtuosi. Sometimes they succeed, sometimes they don’t. Sometimes the most courageous are burnt, for their sake, as it is said thus they will have a place in virtuosi’s heaven. They are often hard to break, but they are strait, and they always do things for the benefit of others.

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Swindler’s Industry

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Articles in EnglishThere always have existed liars, since the very moment when people learned speaking. The man that had invented the lie did it out of necessity, probable, – the truth has always attracted the mania of powerful people. The inventor did not make any publicity about his invention, he didn’t ask for a license to patent it; nevertheless, this new weapon of survival had been discovered lot of times just because people were able to do it. But lie had immediately transformed from a defending shield of poor people into a powerful gun of psychological offensive, inclining thus the balance of powers towards swindlers and people lacking moral principles. Gaining more and more complex shapes, the lie had reached the tops of perfection, becoming a real art – the art of mystification. In this context it is evident that “mystification”, “mystics” and “mystery” are related words. Once the first step from a primitive lie to a mystical interpretation was made, the process had inevitably got irreversible course, thus generating the phenomenon of religion. The latter unites and bounds, genetically and historically, first primitive religions, pagan and contemporary ones, as faiths.

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The Philosophy of Slaves.

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Articles in EnglishIt is known that the Bible states on the fact the Lord had created the world after his appearance. Nowadays, in spite of this fact, there is a huge number of aspects – whites, negroes, Asians, blonds, red, brown and dark-haired, short, tall, thin, thick, and among them there are intermediary forms. Thus, it is difficult to say what was the aspect and the appearance after which the Lord had created Adam and Eve, the first human couple. What is the race they had belonged to, what were their anthropological characteristics? Archeological information state that first humans did not differ in race, and their aspect had some features that show our genetic connection with the monkeys. More than that, these features, sometimes, “turns up” at some of our fellows, thus we can meet sometimes a physiognomy about which we cannot even doubt that has relatives among monkeys. In this case, everybody has them, even if some of us are considered beautiful and smart. Still, we cannot affirm that humanity has reached the top of perfection, or that it is constantly going this way.

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Individualism vs. Democracy

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Articles in EnglishWe are making a big mistake when we try to find the sources of all evil somewhere, but not in the human society or in a ourselves. The Good is a compromise, a submission of love before the social instinct that is trying to distinguish itself by tolerance, interest and compassion for the individuals that belong to the same biological species. That is why there are a lot of phenomena resembling human ethics among animals with a social organization. The more they are “socialized”, the better and more “moral” their behavior is from the point of view of humans. For instance, the bee has a very well developed social instinct that is superior to the instinct of self-perseverance that is why the bee easily sacrifices itself for the sake of its fellows.

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God: Male or Female?

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Articles in EnglishReading the Bible, we find out that the man was created after the God’s appearance, but of two different sexes: male and female. When considering the story closely, it appears that the God first of all had created Adam, the first man, and only after that He created Eva, the first woman. So, it can easily be guessed that the image of God was one of a man – a definite body with lots of interior and exterior details. Still, it is not quite clear why God, an immaterial spirit, would need such a complex build that could be useful only to a living material body. Why, for instance, He would need male’s attributes if there weren’t a Goddess near Him – a wife and a sexual partner? On the other Hand, whose image Had He followed when creating Eva as a perfect fit to Adam? Nevertheless, His ambition was far from discovering the sense of these differences that are essential to us, Humans – this is the reason of His angriness when the young couple had discovered them personally (in fact, the snake Helped them).

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Astrology and Native Arrogance

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Articles in EnglishAstrology is fashionable now. A great number of people are interested in Astrology, or, better to say, in its practical use – the horoscope. The natural egoism is generating an exaggerated, and in the same time, quite unjustified arrogance, that makes us think that everyone’s future had been carefully planned by a superior being, that had created it somewhere in an encoded form, using for this purpose the stars and other space bodies. This is a wonderful illusion, resembling nearly all other illusions gathered and carefully preserved along the history of humanity.

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The sindrom of the hatching hen

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Articles in EnglishA very old and widely used idea of "woman - female", whose destination (either sacred or vulgar-materialist, depending on the circumstances) is only to take care of the family nest, has been speculated upon across centuries under different sauce; but in fact it followed the same goal - to shut woman's mouth and not to permit her take part in very important decision making.

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The vanity

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Articles in EnglishContrary to the deeply rooted conception, vanity is a human nature and is characteristic, more or less, to every normal human being. Vanity is a vice only when it exceeds some definite limits, and is a useful quality in case it does not exceed them and is correctly oriented. Actually, vanity is the expression of the universal principle of development, its particular manifestation in a specific and complex sphere of human psychic. Vanity is a psychological reason, with its help we aim to a specific human ideal that determines us to assert and achieve intellectual, spiritual and physical potentials. Vanity generates the feeling of dignity and stimulates our self-consciousness. When accompanied by talent, intellect, kindness and good education, vanity is the most precious instrument to create our destiny. Vanity represents the driving force for progress in any sphere of human activity, from handicraft to science and politics.

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A historical excursion.

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Articles in English<center></center>

Library of Alexandria - reconstructed image.

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